One comment on “Gladiator

  1. This is the movie I waited 35 years to see! For those of my generation who grew up on the “sword and sandal” genre of film, this was perfection and the culmination of all that went before. Unfortunately, after the perceived financial debacle of “Cleopatra” and “Fall of the Roman Empire”, the Roman epic was pronounced dead amd a very quiet burial was held. The arrival of VHS at last allowed the viewing of these gems and DVD allowed their viewing in all the wide-screen glory. Seeing “Gladiator” in 2000 was just thrilling in the theater with all the technical developments–I was just stunned! Couldn’t get enough of it, saw it 5 times in the theater before buying the DVD. It was a sensation at the time…if you recall, it was even quoted at length in “The Sopranos”.

    I particularly admired Joaquin Phoenix’s performance…he deserved the Oscar for following the great tradition of ably protraying “the crazy Roman emperor” (See: Peter Ustinov as Nero in “Quo Vadis”; Jay Robinson as Caligula in “The Robe”; and Roddy MacDowell as Octavian/Augustus in “Cleopatra”). All 4 of these guys deseved the Supporting Actor Award; but Phoenix’s was the best (and craziest).
    If I had been giving out the awards that year, a record would have been set…for Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, Director, Editing, Cinematography, Art Direction, Sound, Costumes, definitely Music, Sound effects editing, Special Effects. 12 awards, and it deserved every one…total Perfection!

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