3 comments on “Dangerous Liaisons

  1. “It’s hard to imagine that underneath all the powder and ruffles are these red-blooded conniving beings that take so much pleasure in power and suffering.” Beautifully written!

    When you say, “any adaption more modern would be a horrible injustice and could make it as cliché as American Pie…. Grown ups, ditch the raunchy teen comedy for a night and get your kicks in a more sophisticated way.” Are you referring to the second remake, ‘Cruel Intentions (1999) starring “Buffy the Vampire Killer” Series star Sarah Michelle Gellar? I think you are! I saw it, I found it … decent… yet inferior, but then again, I’m a purist. Wonderfully writ, and thanks so much for picking it for the 1001 Club to watch and review. It was a wicked night 😀

  2. So, I’m a year late joining this party… I first watched this movie on a late night rerun in the early 90s… also known as my very early teens. It was magnificent! I fell in love. I purchased the movie in it’s complete form when I was 15, this is my all-time favorite movie. I rarely could get anyone else to watch it, let alone love it – they all called it a “Wig Movie.” (I love wig movies.)
    When Cruel Intentions came out in the spring of 1999, my bf took me on a date. And I was thrilled! It was as if the movie was updated into the speech of “Dawson’s Creek.” Finally my friends would understand what I was talking about. Cruel Intentions is nothing compared to the original, but as a lover of Dangerous Liaisons, I appreciate the fact that Cruel Intentions exists to support the original movie, and bring it to a new generation.

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