One comment on “L.A. Confidential

  1. Agree completely, an underrated film. Basinger deserved the Oscar (watch her when Bud tells her she looks better than Veronica Lake — you see her switch gears as she realizes that he is telling the simple truth).

    Spacey is great throughout, but he has two unbelievable moments. One is when Exley asks him why he became a cop. Now, the only possible line of dialogue for him to say is “I don’t remember.” The entire film has has made that line inevitable. But his delivery is wonderful to watch, as you see him realize this for himself, what everybody around him (and everybody in the audience) knew already.

    The other is (and I’ll write with gloves on, as you say) when he utters the line “Rollo Tomassi.” His expressions are wonderful, as he realizes that, despite everything, he’s still won, because he’s smarter.

    All that being said, I found the ending a bit too sunny, not entirely earned by the rest of the movie. I thought that was true of Hanson’s next film, Wonder Boys, as well. But that’s a minor complaint, in both cases.

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