4 comments on “Titanic

  1. I have to agree about the MPAA, but not for the language. I still can’t figure out how they justified Kate Winslet’s nude scene in PG-13. I’m not complaining too much, I was a 14-year-old boy and those 5 minutes made the movie bearable when my sister watched it incessantly. I just don’t understand how it happened, and to my knowledge it hasn’t happened since.

    Also, Titanic was not Cameron’s masterpiece, and I’m not talking about his bazillion-dollar CGI ripoff of Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves, Fern Gully, and Dune. That honor needs to go to either Aliens or the first Terminator.

  2. That nude scene did come as a surprise, my mom even told me to cover my eyes. But in retrospect, I don’t find it too scandalous. She was just posing for a drawing so one could argue that scene was supposed to be artful and it wasn’t like we were staring at Winslet’s sprawled out body the entire five minutes, it’s actually edited to a healthy minimum.

    As for that masterpiece comment, perhaps I was caught up in the moment. James Cameron and masterpiece in the same sentence is a bit of a stretch. Though I do love Aliens and Terminator, I tend to admire Titanic more because it can balance the romance with breathtaking action and keep everything visually stunning and realistic.

    The big difference between how I feel about Terminator and Titanic are that I can watch Terminator over and over in a short amount of time and Titanic I only need to watch it once every five years to remind me how good it is.

  3. Titanic got a bad rap simply because of its massive popularity. When something becomes so big, there are many who want to go against the grain (and we’ve just seen this recently again with Avatar) and this can blind them to the qualities of the film. And boys couldn’t admit to liking it because it was a “girl’s film” and only wusses like it. You yourself even said that you were expecting to rip into it. I’m glad you didn’t and saw the film for what it was.

  4. lovely review and deeply touched by the way you’ve reviewed this masterpiece. Although you’ve raised several questions, I believe in a way your questions make sense.

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