4 comments on “One Hundred Men and a Girl

  1. I like this film a lot. A reall charmer with beautiful music, and I thought Deanna Durbin was amazing. Hard to believe this was only her second film, she seems so confident and assured in it. I really liked the way “A Heart That’s Free” was staged with Deanna rushing through a song she didn’t want to sing in the first place so that she can get back to the food she had to leave behind. The shot of her looking longingly at her sandwich and then being jarred back into the song when the pianist hits the chords for her introduction always makes me laugh. I also think it has its’ genuinely touching moments, as when Deanna confronts her father over lying about having a job with Stokowski and in the scene where Eugene Pallette screams at the members of Menjou’s orchestra because they “have no name” and “no one will listen to you!” as the camera pans across the shocked faces of the musicians. I thought Stokowski was pretty good, too: a little wooden, but a nice, likeable performance overall. A real gem of a film from the late 1930s!

  2. Nicely said Mark, I agree. Stokowski being “a little wooden” is alright by me. After all, he was not an actor. He seems to be in his most natural state when he’s conducting.

  3. Agreed alyson. Stokowski was a great conductor. He’s very well used in this film, and it’s a great document of his unique “hands on” conducting style. lol! I’ve read that he began his affair with Greta Garbo when she used her celebrity clout to arrange a visit to the closed production set to meet Deanna Durbin, whose talent she greatly admired.

  4. I really love this movie! I’m very fortunate that the LA County Library has it in the system and it was easy to get.

    As I was watching it, I wondered why it was nominated for Best Picture. By the end, I had my answer.

    It was nominated because it made people happy.

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