3 comments on “High Noon

  1. I once read that John Wayne hated “High Plains Drifter” as well. His movies were often idealized, but I do enjoy them. This is a classic, pure and simple. No good collection of westerns is complete without it. It is a Jim “must see” or one of my “Essentials”.

  2. High Noon is as great as they come. Every moment in that “photoplay” with sound is utterly believeable. The scene between the Cooper character and the character played by Creighton or Lon Chaney Jr. was what the movie in every moment sums up. It also shows how Mr Chaney could perform a character and express hopelessness, faded idealism, love for his former mentee:all his lights on … as opposed let’s remember his light dim parts and his incredible performance as Lennie in “Of Mice and Men.” He is still too ignored and under rated.

    The whole movie stands up for something good and true. It made me and many of my 6th grade guy pals want to become better men. For me High Noon is a high point of American movie making. ~Edgar Weinstock

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