3 comments on “Ray

  1. I don’t know… from the sounds of it this is just like almost every other biopic out there. From your description it seems to suffer from biopicitis. I haven’t seen Ray I’ll admit, though I have seen Walk the Line which also suffered from the same affliction.
    I think biopics are more effective when they don’t try to tell the entire life story of someone, but rather just a piece of the story.

  2. The entire story takes place between the late forties to early seventies, when Ray’s career was just beginning up to it’s bloom and addiction.
    Biopicitis? How would you define that? You probably have the correct diagnosis.

  3. I just find that all biopic have basically the same linear formula (rise to fame, fame, problems which are usually drugs, lead up to death) just with a different person, and the movies are usually overlong.

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