2 comments on “Sideways

  1. I recently compiled my top 50 of the last decade. I had a few tough decisions about what films to include and where to place them but I knew which film I wanted to put at number 1. Sideways!

    It is the first and only film I’ve ever watched three times in two days. Just love it. Love Giamatti’s performance, love the character, love the downbeat nature of the story that is underpinned by glimpses of light. I also think it’s so damn funny. Alexander Payne is brilliant – this is his best movie.

  2. You are right about how you learn about wine through this movie. I really appreciate movies which introduce me to different cultures which I don’t know a lot about, like the wine culture here and the airport culture in Up int he Air. Their appreciation for wine makes the setting more than just the setting.

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