4 comments on “Giant

  1. I am shocked at your reaction. This was one of my favorite films that year. Maybe having been a teenager during the 1950s gives me a different perspective; but Liz’s feminist independence was unheard of back then…even the whole session about politics being “men’s talk” was not that far-fetched. Leslie was way ahead of her time! Another aspect of the film was the “ethnic/racial” element…the movie was banned in certain localiies because of this; and don’t forget, it wasn’t that far removed in time from the troops being sent to Little Rock to integrate the schools. Finally, there was the notion of sex roles with the son wanting to go into medicine and the daughter wanting to be a rancher–unheard of (and frowned on) in the 1950s. This was a time of awakening on so many levels in the US and this film was way ahead of its time in so many ways. Add the excellent performances of Hudson, Taylor, Dean, and the introduction of Carroll Baker and Dennis Hopper…what a film! I can’t even count how many times I returned to the theater to see this one…it was one of the first VCRs I ever bought and likewise the DVD as soon as it was made available. If you consider “Giant” in the context of the time, it was truly a remarkable film. Still LOVE this movie!

  2. Well, I finally saw this, and I felt the same as you did. Just posted my own review. This was pretty boring and long. And Ken, I suppose your analysis of the movie during that time explains the film’s success and longevity. But looking at it now, its really not a very effective film at portraying those social issues.

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