3 comments on “In Old Arizona

  1. hmm. there is the crisco kid with the rare blood disease (1992), and the crisco kid, the racehorse, and quite a few crisco kids referring to male use of the comestible, but other than that… how come “crisco,” not “cisco”?

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. This is one of those embarrassing moments where what you thought you heard is imposed on what you read and see and….wow, I’m changing that right now. Thanks for pointing out the worst multiple typo in the history of blogs. Face-palm.

  3. “The Cisco Kid” TV show in the ’50s always ended with the lines

    “Oh, Pancho!”
    “Oh, Cisco!”

    Also popular were such Pancho lines (not so PC these days) as “Ceesco, let’s went!”

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