3 comments on “Slumdog Millionaire

  1. I thought it was okay, but to be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of the story-line, especially anything to do with the brother. Great review though, especially the band-aid line.

  2. Not that this was a bad film; but c’mon, Best Picture? If you can get past the basic dramatic premise…that the Indian Police would cooperate with a crazed TV host to Waterboard, Electrocute, and otherwise torture some guy because he is winning a TV Quiz show, then I guess you are willing to suspend disbelief about almost anything. But Is this not just a little insulting? Usually I’m a sucker for romantic dramas with happy endings; but I must have missed something with this one. Sure, it was a fun watch and an OK movie; however, I don’t think it would even make my top 10. Also, I really disliked the silly Bollywood ending. I’ve tried giving this another 2 watches to no effect. Obviously, I’m in the minority on this one…I just don’t get the insanity over “Slumdog”! My choice for Best Picture? “Benjamin Button” or even “Changeling”.

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