One comment on “Sayonara

  1. I guess “eye-opening” is a good enough description for the film when I first saw it in 1957. Even then, it was just OK and it never quite escaped that “message-movie” feeling which was designed to make you see the errors of everyone’s ways particularly the bigoted Americans. I don’t mind a film with a point of view; but I do mind being preached at which this film did with a vengeance. I truly don’t understand all the Oscar nominations and while the Supporting nominations were merited, Buttons winning over Hayakawa (in “River Kwai”)? or Umeki over Hope Lange (in “Peyton Place”)? Not in my book! and “Sayonara* did win Art Direction…but over “Raintree County”, “Witness for the Prosecution”, or “Funny Face”? TCM recently gave us the opportunity to re-view the film: after all these years, it is still mediocre, the performances are mainly wooden, the story is preachy and, frankly, just boring. Not among the best films of that year.

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