6 comments on “A Clockwork Orange

  1. This is one of your best reviews yet. You really have a way of reaching to the heart of these movies. I am usually turned off by movies like these, yet Clockwork completely drew me in, and probably for all the reasons you’ve outlined. Its a great study of violence and morality and the fact that Kubrick is a genius with the camera doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Tripping thru 1971? This film is unique in that as with just about all of Kubrick’s films, the technical aspects are outstanding; but, I could never say that I “liked” this film…it was just too violent, unpleasantly and realistically so! I had coaxed several friends to accompany me to see it when it was released: one was so angry that he stopped speaking for a brief time; another stormed out half-way through. I, unhappily, made it through to the end. I gave it another chance about 10 years ago–still didn’t like it. I don’t know whether the problem is “morals” so much as repulsion at the (almost) celebration of disgusting mindless violence, much my same objections to pictures like “Braveheart” and “Passion of the Christ”…does anyone really need to see this graphic revolting violence played out before our eyes?

    • Graphic, revolting violence for its own sake, no, we don’t need that. When its used to communicate a message or when the violence itself is necessary for dramatic effect or for storytelling purposes, then it has a place. And I would argue for all three films mentioned, it has a place. Clockwork, it is used as a message which Alison has outlined brilliantly. In Braveheart it is to show the brutal times that he lived in and what was necessary to gain the freedom they sought. In Passion it was used to connect the audience with Jesus’ pain and suffering and provide more emotional context in the filmmaking.

  3. Have I thanked you guys lately for leaving so many insightful comments? I go to see Harry Potter, while in the back of my mind wondering if I had just butchered all that A Clockwork Orange stood for, come back and see this great discussion. That’s what makes this blog worthwhile. You guys are awesome.

    • It was nice, not the most eventful Potter film, but I hear it follows the book pretty well. I assume all the action is really building up for the big ending. And having a snake thrown in now and then keeps me excited.

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