5 comments on “Mutiny on the Bounty

  1. If you see the 1935 version, you’ll really wonder why they remade this. It’s one of the most unnecessary remakes ever and it was just plain stupid. Tried watching it again the other night on TCM; but just couldn’t get through it. What a waste…please see the original.

  2. I suggest to anyone to read the true story of the mutiny on the bounty by caroline alexander, Bligh was a brave man, nothing like how he has been portrayed in the films of 1935 and 1962. Although 1984 with Hopkins and Gibson was better.

  3. Actually, the 1984 The Bounty is the best film out of all three, and the most accurate. I am still hoping a more accurate film is one day made. Clark Gable was a great actor, but the way he played Fletcher Christian is a bit annoying. He felt he was too good to even attempt a British accent, gee.

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