4 comments on “Lawrence of Arabia

  1. This is one of those movies which really makes you wish they still made movies like they used to. I like what you said about the overture, even though I’m guilty of skipping it myself.
    I really liked Peter O’Toole’s performance here. At the film’s heart, even with all the epic drama and cinematography, it really is a character study. Its similar to Gone with the Wind this way.
    I was annoyed when I found out O’Toole didn’t win the acting Oscar, until I found out that it went to Peck for playing Atticus that year. Then I was okay with it.

  2. Like a typical David Lean film–a technical masterpiece, though I have to say I kept getting really thirsty when I first saw it in the theater. The film made both Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, deservedly so! Unfortunately, the film was forever ruined for me after MAD Magazine did a parody of O’Toole in his white outfit, dancing in the desert and singing “I Feel Pretty”. Now I never see that scene without thinking of that! Anyway, Lawrence and Mockingbird were the best that year; but for the other worthy nominees of 1962 let me suggest “David and Lisa”, “Gypsy”, “Sweet Bird of Youth”, and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”…any one of which was superior to the others that were nominated!

    • Thanks for that comment. I actually have used the film events in discussions about the Middle East. It has always amazed me that the British and the French policies caused so many problems into the future…and we bought into it and are now the hated ones! Very clever, those Europeans!

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