7 comments on “America, America (Missing)

  1. This was without question my choice for Best Film of 1963…an absolutely incredible film which Kazan named as his personal favorite of all his films…I agree. Up to now, it has only been available from Amazon on VCR; however, finally, Martin Scorsese has compiled the Elia Kazan collection, the final one of which is “America, America”. I don’t think it’s available singly yet; but I suspect it’s a matter of time. The set sells on Amazon.com for $150: I brought it just so that I could have a copy of “AA”. It was worth the $150 to see such a georgeous copy again…still love the film and am very moved by it. By all means, see it!

    • Gotta love Scorsese leading the way in film preservation. Right now, I have no VCR and $150 is out of my labor-of-love budget. Thanks for the great info Ken. I will find a way.

      • Good news! America, America will be available on Netflix on Feb. 8th. I’ve got it at the top of my list, so it will be here as soon as possible.

    • I’m anxious to see it, from the way you’ve built it up I’m excited to see it too. I even mentioned it on a podcast I was on, just before I realized it was available on Netflix. Thanks Ken A, guess we’ll have to wait at least until Feb 8th.

    • Holy crap Audrey, thank you! Apparently while searching for these films I didn’t crack the YouTube code of leaving out the vowels. Sadly, I had just bought Room at the Top off of Amazon. Thank you again, much appreciated!

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