4 comments on “Sunset Boulevard

  1. Well, as I said, this and “Eve” are definitely the two best of that year. Actually of all the Oscar years, it was 1950 when there should have been a tie for Best Actress (between Bette and Gloria). My only thing with “Sunset Blvd.” (and maybe it’s just the people I’ve known and our age) is that it has become a campy kind of thing quoted at parties after folks had a few drinks. It wasn’t until I saw the musical version with Glenn Close that I was bowled over by the absolute tragedy of Norma…a totally different take from what the film has come to represent. Having said that, I love the film AND the musical for what they each emphasize…still love “Eve” just a little more. (You are right about the cinematic beauty of the “Boulevard” though). It deserved more awards than it got!

  2. I’m a fan of ALL ABOUT EVE, But I love Sunset Boulevard! Everything about it was wonderful, but it was Gloria Swanson who towered over everything in this picture. Her Norma Desmond is truly one of Hollywood’s most iconic creations.

  3. Sunset Boulevard is like a hall of mirrors, and the chimpanzee is an excellent example. When I watched the film I thought the chimp was actually a reflection of Norma herself: a star from a bygone era having outlived its usefulness, equal parts tragic and pathetic and ridiculous. A funeral for a chimp is like quack beauty treatments for a 50-year-old woman. But I can’t deny the parallels between the chimp and Joe either, and not only does Joe become the next caged creature, but obviously he ends up dead as well. The whole point of a hall of mirrors is that multiple reflections pile up, though, and that’s part of the genius of the movie, that every image and idea has so many meanings and connections. I think it’s impossible to rank Sunset Boulevard too highly.

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