4 comments on “Mystic River

  1. This is one of those rare nominees for Best Picture that I absolutely hated! Not for the acting: I thought Penn totally deserved his Oscar; Tim Robbins earned his nomination, though I would have selected Djimon Hounsou for “In America”. Perhaps it was the story that I just couldn’t take, for, in the end, nothing sat quite right…what kind of a wife would have so quickly lept to the conclusions and took the actions that Marcia Gay Harden’s character did? Does everyone really just sit back at the end after what has happened to Dave and say “Oh, Well”? Does “good buddy” Jimmy et. al. really not feel ANY remorse or guilt? Maybe this is “slice of life” reality in Boston according to author Dennis Lehane; but, if it is, let someone else enjoy and appreciate it…I certainly didn’t. (and, incidentally, I’m not alone in those sentiments).

  2. Sean Penn most certainly deserved his Oscar. The scene where he’s being restrained, and is asking Kevin Bacon if it’s his daughter, is heartbreaking, to say the least, and how he handles the grief from there on out is tremendous.

  3. I liked it, and I thought Tim Robbins was outstanding, but for Boston/Lehane-based movies, I much prefer Gone Baby Gone, which was excellent. Less histrionic, more believable, very carefully observed. And underrated film, I thought.

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