4 comments on “Lost in Translation

  1. This is a movie I like more and more each time I see it. The first viewing, I thought it was OK…now I try to watch it at least once a year. A very subtle, beautiful film.

  2. While I did not pick this as one of the top 5, I was impressed with the emotional draw which developed between the two main characters. really nicely done! As it happens, though, I just watched “Cairo Time” starring Patricia Clarkson who spends increasing time with an Egyptian man while her husband is off on a mission with the UN. The same sort of emotional attachment develops…ah, unrequited love et again. I must admit that I liked “Cairo” better, maybe it’s just that I’m mad about Clarkson. check it out though, it’s a slightly different take.

  3. I didn’t enjoy the movie the first and only time I watched it but I am drawn to its themes. ı’ve dedicated an entire blog to the same feeling of ennui and finding your place than one goes through as they mature and travel. I’m drawn to Sofia Coppola’s view of the world, all the more fascinating considering her pedigree and upbringing (at least what I can imagine of it).

    Enjoyed the read.

  4. I wasn’t a fan of the film, but I think that was mainly due to wanting to be excited by Japan, and this gave the complete opposite feel. I felt like I was waiting throughout the film, and was left wanting at the end.

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