4 comments on “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  1. Great write-up. When I first saw RotK I also thought that it one-uped the other two. But looking back, I think that Fellowship is actually my favourite. This is coming from a massive fan of the books mind you, and I felt that Jackson was taking way too many liberties by the end by turning Legolas into an action hero, Gimli into a big joke and so on.
    Yet the way they pulled off the visual and tonal aspects of this movie amazed me, especially in the Mordor scenes. Mordor felt like what it should have, and everything you said about Shelob’s lair is right. Yet the scene which blew me away was the Mount Doom scene. They had that scene perfect.

  2. Really mixed feelings on this one. Technically, the three films were masterpieces; but the only one I really liked was the 1st (“Fellowship”). In part 2, Gollum really got on my nerves and part 3 (“Return”), though it started off well, turned into the neverending ending with the half-hour crawl to the firey pit, the longest wedding ever, the boring return to the Shire, and the interminable departure on the ships to nowhere. All in all, in the final analysis, the trilogy was a remarkable attempt (and achievement), one for which Peter Jackson deserved recognition. It is also difficult to dispute the technical recgnition from the Academy…and you’re right, the Oscars were for recognition of all three films. The one award it did not deserve in my book was Editing, as the last one needed at least 45 minutes cut. I know that’s blasphemy to LOTR fans; but it’s from the heart!

  3. Of the three films, I believe FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING should have won Best Picture (it’s still my favorite one), but like you, I was very happy when RETURN OF THE KING took home a ton of Oscars.

    Once again, excellent entry!

  4. To put in a different point of view, my favorite is The Two Towers. The whole thread throughout between Aragorn and Theoden, where first Theoden shows Aragorn what it means to be a leader, and at the end of the battle where Aragorn becomes a leader himself when Theoden has lost hope. Jackson is justly praised for the battle scenes, but his best scenes are the quiet moments before battles, after battles, and even sometimes during battles.

    Plus there’s the arrival of the Elves at Helm’s Deep, which is very moving. I loved the other movies, too, but the beginning and end suffer a bit for me because I don’t think Jackson loves the Shire enough, certainly not as much as Tolkien did. I found the hobbits (not the leads, but the rest of them) too buffoonish, and I really miss The Scouring of the Shire.

    All that being said, Eowen, yes, best moment in all three films. “I am no man!”

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