5 comments on “Deliverance

  1. This was a terrific film and it really caused a stir when it was released, particularly as the book’s author was a professor at our local university. My only gripe about this film and the Oscars that year is to wonder why Voight and Reynolds were ignored for Best Actor and why oh why Ned Beatty was overlooked for Suporting Actor. Great Editing and Cinematography.

  2. My mind and heart conflicts with this film. I keep trying to match up the absolutely beautiful cinematography which was so great at providing and atmosphere and sense of place with the really disturbing story elements, and I can never quite reconcile the two.

    • To me, there is a certain degree of arrogance in the contented well-off suburban professionals who observe the wild beauty of the river without really feeling or seeing it. After all, their lives are comfortable and what can possibly go wrong?…well, one weekend they find out. Suddenly there is danger and the fright of the unexpected and disturbing events which they could never have imagined…life-altering indeed. Bobby’s final words:”…I don’t think I’ll see you again, for a while, Ed…”

  3. A very beautiful, very unsettling film. This one really shook me the first time I saw it, which was on video something like 25 years ago. Watching it now, I can’t help but feel that these four guys were extremely foolish to have even made this trip. None of them was really prepared, not even Reynolds’ character, who isn’t as ‘experienced’ an outdoorsman as he’d like his friends to think (he couldn’t even FIND the damn river at the beginning). Ronny Cox’s character says as much when he says Reynolds “Knows the woods, but doesn’t feel them. He wants to be one with nature, but can’t hack it”.

  4. “Now that my husband has seen Deliverance, I don’t think I can ever convince him to go camping.” – hahah well said. I find that the seldom heard better line from Squeal like a pig is “What the Hell you wann fuck around that river for anyway?” it’s terrifying in its own way, and a clear indicator that the Friendlies are anything but.

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