2 comments on “The Piano

  1. Your last paragraph is so right-on! This is one of the most tedious films I’ve ever seen…even trying to give it another chance just doesn’t work. And I could have gone my whole life without seeing Harvey Keitel’s private parts! Holly Hunter’s performance was exceptional, though I would have given her the Supporting Actress award that year for THE FIRM She’s a very versatile actress; just didn’t like THE PIANO.

  2. Great review Alyson! Just want you to know that at least one male viewer loved this film. Ill admit, seeing Harvey Keitel naked was a bit odd at first (as a matter of fact, so was seeing him playing a character other than an Italian-American mobster) but any guy who would let that prevent them from enjoying such a well crafted movie clearly has maturity issues (and maybe some sexual identity issues as well). It’s just sad that there are so few movies out there directed by women, it would really bring a needed diversity to the world of film.

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