One comment on “The Remains of the Day

  1. This is one of two brilliant films in 1993 which dealt, in different aspects, with the journey through life, with all the backdrops of society and/or politics…and at the end, a relationship between two people which has spanned decades in a love story which is basically unrequited love. There is such a sadness, such longing, and finally emptiness and regret in the ending. The 2nd film (which also should have been recognized by the Academy) was Martin Sorsese’s THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. That both films, so different, made their appearances in the same year with the same message and so well done, is remarkable. I have thought that a double feature of INNOCENCE and REMAINS OF THE DAY would be the ultimate in viewer devastation…it would almost make you jump off the nearest bridge. Great movies both! I never tire of seeing either one.

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