2 comments on “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  1. I absolutely love this film, to some extent because this is one of the few films that one of those “thumb” guys (Siskel or Ebert) apologized for and retracted his negative review. It’s always valuable to view films in the context of the time; and for those of my generation, this was on the level of 1967’s THE GRADUATE and 1968’s 2001 for films that knocked the college-age crowd for a loop! This film, like the others, was a cultural event: people quoted lines from the film, posters of the last scene of the film decorated many a dorm room or apartment living room. It was an early manifestation of the “buddy” movie (or what today would be called the “bromance”). Technically it was magnificent, especially the cinematography and the editing between the sepia-period stills and the beautiful outdoor shots. No, it was no more a traditional western than MIDNIGHT COWBOY; after all, what western traditionally ends up with the protagonists in either Miami or South America? One other note–the screenplay deserved its Oscar…it was clever, witty, and memorable. The joint Newman-Redford performance was incredible and deserved a joint Oscar. Ditto, Director Hill. MIDNIGHT COWBOY was a really fine film; BUT I will always LOVE BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID…one of my all-time favorites. (Obviously in the minority, I also liked the Musical score).

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