5 comments on “127 Hours

  1. Of the 7 nominated films I have seen, this is my pick for Best Film so far. I was not a fan of Director Danny Boyle’s nonsensical SLUMDOG; but his vision in 127 HOURS is brilliant and I’m sorry that his direction was overlooked by the academy. Kudos as well for the screenplay, the cinematography, the music, and especially the great editing. Can’t say enough about James Franco who carries the whole film…a great performance. If Colin Firth had won last year as I had hoped, Franco would be IT this year. 127 HOURS was a difficult movie to watch, particularly at the climactic moment (I literally watched it through closed fingers), but well worth it. A worthy choice, changed my opinion of Boyle!

    • Happy to hear you’ve found a Boyle film to love, I was bummed that he was overlooked on direction as well. But it would’ve been a crime not to nominate Franco on his performance. I haven’t seen The King’s Speech yet, so I can’t compare Franco to Firth for the year.

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