9 comments on “The King’s Speech

  1. Interesting post. I’ve one slight argument with it, though. You state “In the past, it seems that all monarchs had to do for their subjects was look royal, but with modern era inventions, such as radio and television, they’re suddenly called up on to do more.” Actually, in the past, they actually had to govern and to lead men into battle. They needed to be leaders instead of just appearing to be such.

    • Dave, you’re absolutely right, I should have been more specific. I was referring more to the recent past that George V and VI had seen and briefly discuss in the film. But thanks for bringing that up, it’s important to remember that English monarchs used to rule and govern and that living up to those past kings without their old authorities is another challenge for George VI.

  2. I think that this film will be the winner in two weeks time. I haven’t seen it personally, but the inspiration you described should push it ahead of the other nine.

    • Ian, I have to agree, the last of the ten I have to see is The Kids Are All Right, and so far The King’s Speech is just a whole level above the rest. For me, the only close second is Black Swan and it just doesn’t seem right to let a crazy ballerina win over the inspiring true story of a king. Here’s to hoping we haven’t jinxed this film.

  3. My mother-in-law saw it the other day, so we bought her the book that it’s based on. (You could create an Amazon Associates link for the book – I do that on my own site, though I’ve not yet earned a nickle from it.)

  4. I agree that the film has very good chances of winning best picture, but at the end of the day, I hope it does not. There are nominees more visually impressive (almost all of them), better written (Social Network, Winter’s Bone, Inception), better played (in particular more subtle: Winter’s Bone). I really like King’s Speech, but it is the kind of predictable “mainstream arthouse” production that lures the masses into the cinema, but that is just not edgy enough (I just saw another one: Made In Dagenham – also really good, but just a bit… ordinary). My take on the king: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/the-kings-speech-tom-hooper-2010/

  5. One of my favorites this year. I have memories of George’s death and Elizabeth’s coronation. Based on those memories, I would like to pay special homage to Helena Bohham Carter’s performance as Elizabeth and whoever plays Queen mother Mary (George’s mom)… they are both just perfect in their roles. An excellent film, I have absolutely no problem with this winning the big O!

    • Ken, those sort of historical memories are so precious and rare to find these days. As I left the theater for this film, I overheard two elderly women sharing their memories of King George. Knowing that the generation who witnessed these times appreciates the film makes it much more valuable to the younger generations. And more real.

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