4 comments on “The Kids Are All Right

  1. Boy, do I have a different take on this film! First of all the performances are excellent and I have no problem with the general subject matter–I have long felt that gay people/lesbians have an absoute right to be as miserable (or happy) as the rest of the population in their home lives. But I found the story line here to be ridiculous…and somewhat offensive. The overdone sex scenes between Moore and Ruffalo, which both seemed to engage in at the drop of a hat, all the while that Moore is asserting her lesbianism, just do not ring true. And why does Paul (Ruffalo) turn out to be the bad guy in this mess? I suspect that most guys who got such a call..”were you a sperm doner 20-some years ago which means you are my father”…Are you kidding me? Would anyone have been as nice to the kids as Paul was? Actually, if they were all ticked off at the end, Annette should have pointed out (and Toni and Laser been made to recognize) that they were the ones who set this whole thing in motion…and they opine that Paul should have been a better person? Nonsense! Furthermore, in spite of the good performances, I got a very discomforting feeling of an anti-male bias at work…So, whatever problems there were, it was the straight guy’s fault. I didn’t buy it and, in fact, it kind of ticked me off. There was more than enough blame here to go around and Bening’s “interloper” comment at the end only serves to show that ALL four of them are self-centered and arrogant about their own responsibilities and the feelings of others. I wound up liking the two women NOT AT ALL. Not a big fan of this film.

    • Ken, while you have many good points, I must say that I found Ruffalo’s character believable. Maybe I’m just naive, but I saw that he’s a very go-with-the-flow guy, so why not meet the kids? He doesn’t seem like enough of a jerk to just tell his sperm kids to buzz off. What makes him a bad guy towards the end is the affair (that I was trying not to spoil) and fact that he gets a little delusional by thinking he can be part of the family. I didn’t feel any anti-male ideas going on, in fact he’s the one who helps Laser realize that his pill snorting friend is a tool. Everything is fine until Paul and Jules have an affair and Paul starts trying to be a parent.

      Yeah, the sudden bursts of sex between Jules and Paul was a little out there. But Jules doesn’t feel appreciated by Nic, so when she gets that satisfaction from Paul, it leads to sex. I could justify it for the plot, great wrench to throw in the marriage, but I completely agree that it was needlessly raunchy.

      • i just liked Paul’s essence and thought he was really a good guy who was fairly blameless in the whole thing. Since his involvement was not of his initiation and he really did come to care about the kids, I just felt like he should not have been the focus of blame or so harshly dealt with.

  2. I didn’t like the affair plot twist at all. A well-structured film otherwise, but I think that they made a mistake there. As Ken said, it didn’t really ring true, or something like that.
    I can see why he was blamed. He was the outside influence who began to change things. I would blame him too.

    Also Alison, you talk about the idea of this film being that non-traditional families can work even though they aren’t perfect. I would agree, yet what I did admire about the movie is that the problems they did face seemed to be unique to their situation. For example, there seemed to be some polarization with the kids to gravitate more to the mom who gave birth to them.

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