5 comments on “Black Swan

  1. In what turned out to be a rather undistinguished year for film, a year in which I’m hard pressed to come up with “Top 5” list, the brilliant, artful, and stunning film BLACK SWAN is unique and Portman deserves an Oscar. BLACK SWAN joins 127 HOURS and THE KING’S SPEECH in my “Top 3” films (with INCEPTION waiting in the wings. (And I don’t even like ballet!)

  2. interesting to see how a huge rift goes through audiences: those absolutely admiring the film, and those insisting that while visually stunning, it shows a certain lack of, say, story and characters. It’s nice to see that kind of thing, because usually those rift is between lovers and haters of a movie, whereas here everybody seems to at least appreciate it. Myself, I thought it was visually stunning, yet… I am glad there is a director who has a unique and stunning style.

  3. ‘Black Swan’ Probably the finest movie I’ve ever seen. I was totally engrossed. Felt I was Nina living the part. The phycosis resonated with me. Her shadow came to the fore and what a magnificent scene as the Black Swan. Absolutely loved it.

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