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  2. Mmmmmm…let’s play Academy voter:
    Actor: Colin Firth should have won last year for SINGLE MAN, so this year it’s James Franco for carrying that entire movie in a commanding performance.
    Actress: who else, Natalie Portman
    Supp Actor: I’m kind of partial to Jeremy Renner in THE TOWN
    Supp Actress: Helena Bonham Carter, a great queen mum
    Director: Fincher should have won for BEJAMIN BUTTON, so give it to him this time!
    Screenplay: INCEPTION & 127 HOURS
    Cinematography: BLACK SWAN
    Art Direction: INCEPTION
    Sound: INCEPTION & 127 HOURS
    Best Film: Out of KING’S SPEECH, BLACK SWAN, & 127 HOURS, I want to eat crow for my negativity about Danny Boyle two years ago for SLUMDOG. Partly as an apology, partly because it was just all around GREAT movie-making, I’ll go with 127HOURS.
    Not that any of this is predictive, just personal preference. enjoy the show!

  3. Oh my, no one has noticed anything interesting in the Sound Editing category? 127 Hours isn’t even nominated there. I think I was looking under Editing and had sound on the mind, my bad. Let me rethink that mix up.

    Sound Editing: Not Unstoppable. Maybe Inception

    And the one I skipped, Editing: Why not 127 Hours? I’d just like to see that take home more Oscars than The Social Network.

    • I agree. Unfortunately, many folks didn’t see 127 HOURS after hearing about the climactic scene (including several in my family), so they missed a really good film which deserves a lot more recognition than it’s going to get.

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