2 comments on “The Razor’s Edge

  1. I completely agree about the cheesy, over-the-top nature of this film, it’s what keeps me from liking it.

    I mean, the whole “fake sun shining down on the fake mountain” was a bit much. ;-D

    I adore both Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney and can appreciate their acting skill (Anne Baxter and John Payne are awesome too), but this movie is just depressing.

    Of course I understand how hard Tyrone Power fought to make this film (and in some ways his life mirrored it: he made TRE just after coming back from WWII), and without this he might not have been allowed to make Nightmare Alley– WHICH IS BRILLIANT. But, still. I don’t like this movie.

    Haha! Sorry about that random, long, slightly unnecessary comment! I really enjoyed your review!

  2. There are certain;y echos of The Razors Edge in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris” The same vintage car on the same street where Owen Wilson gets picked up for his journey back in to the past

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