2 comments on “Sergeant York

  1. I’d once heard that York was such a “regular guy” in the post-war years that if you wandered to his town looking for him, just to meet the man, you were likely to be welcome at his dinner table with his wife and 7 children.

  2. Well…keep two things in mind:

    1) It was released in July 1941, before the start of America’s involvement in World War Two. This was a time when Hollywood was supporting America’s entry into the war, so their war films were deliberately over-patriotic so that audiences would be swayed to their side.

    2) York’s exploits were real. The story may seem cheesy, but it actually happened. You shouldn’t judge something explicitly based on fact as corny or cheesy if it tells the truth, regardless of whether you find it droll, cheesy, or silly.

    If you thought that York’s story was unbelievable, then try familiarizing yourself with Audie Murphy. Now THAT guy’s story was so unbelievable that Murphy had to convince Hollywood to tone the film based on his life down so that it would seem believable to audiences.

    Other than that, great review!

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