5 comments on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I remember being stunned by this when it first came out and it is my favorite animated film of all. The first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture not only deserved the nomination; but, as much as I loved PRINCE OF TIDES and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, I was rooting for this to win the Oscar…heresy, I know! But it’s still a wonder to watch…and look for the real life ballroom sequence with Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams in the recent ENCHANTED. Love this film!

  2. I’m not big on animation, but if I had to pick a Disney favorite this story just might be it. I like how different the hero and heroine are than the normal princess and prince charming. Belle, especially, is great because she is a strong, smart woman who stands up for her beliefs and her family. She can also see through artificiality (Gaston)and past the unpleasant appearance of the Beast. I recently rewatched this film while babysitting and was reminded what a wonderful film it is.

    • Another remarkable thing about the film…I used to be a regular musical theater goer in NYC. From the very opening number, this felt and sounded like a great Broadway musical.

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