4 comments on “JFK

  1. I really do need to see this. I’m glad to hear what you say about the editing, since I thought that was a weakness in Nixon, that it was too many long and obvious scenes, not wild enough, not enough motion. This is Oliver Stone, after all, not Merchant Ivory. 🙂

    Maybe he was overcompensating in Nixon for the criticism that this film got, trying to go with “Just the facts.”

  2. Came to your site looking for “The Human Comedy” At first I didn’t understand the site (no about link) Then I saw Reviewing all Oscar nominees (not just the winners) in one year. Do you say what films should have won over the films that went on to win. Psycho over …

    I’m check back. Thanks

    • Thanks for asking about the site. What I review are all the films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, winners and losers. Sometimes I’ll tell you what I believe should have won, or has held up best over the years for today’s audience. Unfortunately, Psycho was not nominated (a major Academy screw-up I say).

      Also, you will find The Human Comedy under 1943.

  3. “Oliver Stone made JFK to make us rethink, so let’s not immediately shut that down”

    Well said! whether or not the film is 100% accurate, it DOES make us think. I don’t doubt there are fabrications in the film, but then aren’t there fabrications in the “official” account as well?

    And yes, the editing in this film is tremendous; the rapid pace set by the editing makes it feel as if you’re watching an action movie.

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