4 comments on “The Graduate

  1. One of my all-time favorites. This film came out when I was a 23 y.o. college graduate living in a college town. It would be difficult to overplay the twenty-something reaction to this film…my age-group went absolutely crazy over this film…me too! Someone would mention the name of “Mrs. Robinson” and people would go nuts. Anne Bancroft will always be remembered for this role and, of course, it made Dustin Hoffman. Glaring omissions: how this was not nominated for Film Editing, I don’t know (next time you see it, watch for the editing between time and place…amazing!) The not-nominated song “Mrs. Robinson” which is still well-known; and the 1967 category for Music Adaptation or Treatment–no nomination for Simon & Garfunkel (but one for Dolittle, Camelot, and Guess Who)…a travesty! And sorry, Katharine, but Anne Bancroft deserved your Oscar this year. My favorite critique of THE GRADUATE is that, at the end on the bus, Benjamin and Elaine ride that bus straight in to the Counter Culture. A powerful and important film that had a real impact!

    • Well said, Ken. I was noticing some great moments with the editing techniques. This film deserved so much more from the Academy, and it’s so cool that you were in the prefect age group when this film was released.

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