4 comments on “The Robe

  1. Well, I must defend the honor of THE ROBE. On a clear Fall evening back in 1953, my father packed me and my sister up to go downtown for reserved seats to a “special” movie. The music started and the curtain opened…and opened…and opened…and the audience gasped. So began THE ROBE and the era of WideScreen which we are still in. As for the caliber of the film, I also loved the 10 COMMANDMENTS and BEN HUR; but have you checked out some of the dialogue there?(e.g”…Oh Moses, Moses, you great adorable fool!”). And for unadulterated schlock, what about the 1953 Oscar winner FROM HERE TO ETERNITY? I have never understood the characterization of the very young, handsome Richard Burton as “wooden” although it is frequently made; Victor Mature has never been a favorite, but he has never been better; and Jay Robinson as the crazed Caligula is on a par with Peter Ustinov’s Nero in QUO VADIS or Joachim Phoenix’s Commodus in GLADIATOR… all great performances. Lest we forget, the Golden Globes named THE ROBE as Best Film and the National Board picked Jean Simmons as Best Actress. I agree on both. still a great watch!
    And If CinemaScope was a gimmick, it was one that worked and changed film forever, (since by 1954 you couldn’t find a film not made in wide screen).

  2. I have memories of when I was little watching this film with my dad and siblings. Even then, we knew it was a bit Hollywood-ized, but it is still an enjoyable epic. I must say, though, it HAS been many years since I last saw it.

  3. Personally, I love The Robe, but I do agree with most of your review. It’s far from perfect and I do see your comparisons to Quo Vadis but I feel that when this works, it works incredibly well. Newman’s score certainly plays a huge part though 🙂

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