3 comments on “Dances with Wolves

  1. This is one of my all-time favorites, despite all the nay-saying of some gangster aficionados who carry on about the injustice of GOODFELLAS losing the Oscar. But, at the time, the country was overwhelmed by the power of this story, as was I. One of the few films that I literally dragged friends to see…I wound up seeing this 10 times in the theater, taking others with me to turn them on to it. The following summer, I drove to South Dakota and found all the sites were still there; the hunt was filmed at a ranch in the middle of nowhere where the owner was so amused by my quest that he took me to the “soldier fort” and over the hill into a herd of buffalo. even got to see Lt. Dunbar’s horse. In short, I went absolutely nuts over this film…even two years later when I adopted a wild dog, I named her Two Socks. So, whatever mistakes Costner has made in the years since, I will always be grateful to him for bringing this brilliant story to the screen. I thought it was a nearly perfect film with special mention to Greene and Grant…AND Mary McDonnell who was just great and so believeable as “Stands with a Fist”…sorry Whoopi, but I would have given her your Oscar!

    • Ken A. has expressed my feelings perfectly about this film. I cannot count the times I have watched it and never tire of it.

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