2 comments on “The Caine Mutiny

  1. I agree–this is a great film. Bogart and MacMurray are wonderful, but I also think this is probably Van Johnson’s best role. I actually found the subplot of Keith and his romance to be the least interesting part of the film, but it does provide a touch of ‘sanity’ to the picture.

  2. Still an excellent film to watch and Bogart is at his best. Not to disrespect WATERFRONT, but I would have traded Oscars between Brando and Bogart…Brando gets it in 1951 for STREETCAR and Bogart gets it in 1954 for this performance. It was brilliant, especially in the final courtroom scene. This was a heluva year for Bogart between CAINE, SABRINA, & BAREFOOT CONTESSA. so in my book he deserved the recognition. Also, don’t overlook Fred MacMurray’s masterful performance as the Caine weasel…and Jose Ferrer as the attorney. Unfortunately, I think the studio was trying to present a “new” star with the Ens. Keith role and it was the film’s (only) really weak point. Definitely worth a spot in any film collection.

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