2 comments on “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

  1. It’s 1954 and the Academy is looking for a musical to nominate for Best Picture. For the the fuss about this film, if you want to find a musical that year…what about WHITE CHRISTMAS, the quintessential 50s musical, and a whole lot more entertaining than this 7/7.

  2. I have to say, after finally viewing this film…I disagree. I think the misogyny is kind of the point and we’re never really supposed to support anything they say or do. Milly is the good guy in this one. The guys are all dopes and treated essentially as cartoon characters.

    The story, “The Sobbin’ Women” that this is an adaptation of is a parody of the story they recount of the abduction of the Sabine women that Roman’s actually took seriously and used as a sign of their hardiness. We’re not supposed to cheer the brothers on in their quest, we’re supposed to laugh at them.

    Now of course you could argue that because things basically work out in the end that they never truly learn their lesson. But as this is a musical I think we’re probably supposed to understand the movie on a more general level: The men had to earn the companionship of their wives by showing courtesy and treating them as equals. Think of it in terms of “Beauty and the Beast.” I’m sure you’ve heard the argument before that this movie really teaches young women that it’s OK for a man to lock you up and be mean to you as long as he says he’s sorry over. Of course, that’s not really what it’s saying. It’s a fable and not really supposed to be taken absolutely literally.

    I also have to wonder if the movie’s not trying to take some shots at the bibles treatment of women as well. If you remember, one of Milly’s arguments on why she agrees to marry Adam in the first place is that her father is always telling her a woman has no place being by herself (paraphrasing here). The brothers are all named after the bible. And then finally, the resolution comes about because (spoilers) the women won’t say whose baby it is. The message being of course that if there’s anything worse than marrying your abductors it’s having a child out of wedlock.

    Those are my two cents. Hopefully I was clear!

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