One comment on “My Left Foot

  1. I must surely be in a small group who think that, for the most part, Day-Lewis is completely over-the-top and it all stems from this film. First, I always felt that Tom Cruise was totally gypped out of a deserved Oscar that year for BORN ON THE 4TH. Beyond that, and for whatever reason, critics and the Academy seem to revel in his screeching, crazy beyond-demented performances like LEFT FOOT, GANGS OF NY, & BLOOD. Yet they ignore his greatest, nuanced performances like BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE, ROOM WITHA VIEW, or my personal favorite THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. Sorry, I think he’s a really good actor, I just wish he’d stay away from these unpleasant, yowling, crazy roles. This movie was just so unpleasant to watch that I have avoided it and would have to do a major thumbs-down.

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