2 comments on “Field of Dreams

  1. And now, my favorite film. This special film is guys’ answer to all the “chick flicks”…and no, it’s not about baseball; but the idea applies to baseball because Ray’s dad, with whom he had so many unresolved issues, played baseball in his youth and was a fan against whom Ray rebelled as a young adult. This film is about every guy’s unresolved issues with his father, particularly painful for those of us whose dad is deceased. The number of grown men sitting in theaters back in 1989, sobbing like babies after watching this film is almost legendary…grown men of every age and type. Yet I knew so many women who resented this film when they should be celebrating the emotional response it caused in men as they reflected on the complicated relationship between father and son. Very simply, this is a masterpiece, with great performances by Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, and a fitting farewell performance of Burt Lancaster. It may not be the best movie ever made; BUT it certainly is my ALL-TIME favorite film. If I had to pick only one film to have, this would be it!

    • What a great favorite film, Ken. To confess my youthful ignorance, I disliked this film when forced to watch it in high school, now I find it intriguing and rather wonderful with its quiet sense of fantasy.
      Maybe women just don’t understand the complex father-son issues at hand here. I found a vague understanding of all the unresolved issues left between Ray and his father, but somehow couldn’t put it in the correct words. Perhaps that’s simply due to my female perspective to focus more on the ideas of faith and heaven than the father-son conflict. But in no way today do I resent this movie. The fact that this is a key to a man’s emotions is amazing and should be cherished. I think it is much more endearing to see a grown may cry over Field of Dreams than The Notebook, that was a little embarrassing.

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