One comment on “Alice Adams

  1. This is a very telling movie for the times. Everything – absolutely everything – about a girl’s success in life, is based totally on her status, social standing, and personal wealth and the wealth (or lack of same) of her family. That goes for every single strata of society of the times. The little fish get eaten by the bigger fish, who in turn get eaten by the bigger fish yet. It’s all about the wrappings and the trappings – not the content of the package.
    Alice Adams makes me a little sad, because it reminded me so much of myself. I didn’t go to her lengths, of course, but certainly had many of her struggles. I ended up though, in a very happy state of existence, all things told, but it certainly was a trial to get here!
    My problem with the movie was Mrs. Adam’s continuous berating of her sick husband, whether she started the conversation between them with it, or ended with it, but her every approach to him ended up with him being angry and cursing at her because he felt that nothing he ever did or tried to do was good enough for her, and there wasn’t much he could do about it. And Mrs. Adam’s entire existence seemed to be set upon letting her husband know how much he fell short of her expectations.
    But the comedy relief – thank goodness for that – was the part of Malena, played by a frumpy Hattie McDaniel! Her part as the maid who came in for the evening to serve dinner for the family and Arthur was just to die for. Even though her actions were slow and not meant to be comedic, they came across as such and I enjoyed her every minute on screen. I even felt bad for the character when she fell down the basement steps, and yet stayed on to limp around and serve the poorly chosen meal to the uncomfortable dinner guest and the family.
    If it’s on TCM, make sure you get at least one look at it.

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