2 comments on “Up in the Air

  1. Not a bad film; but nothing to write home about, either. Certainly didn’t get all the praise and nominations heaped on this, other than that George Clooney seems to be Hollywood’s newest Golden Boy.

  2. I remember I was stunned by how this big machinery of a film seemed to be built around Clooney for the exclusive purpose of making him look even more awesome. And it works, this is the job somebody has to have in order to prove that his attractiveness works – when people love you even while you tell them they are doomed. I found the movie perfectly entertaining, while finding flaws and deficits all over… strange but nice. My review from 2009: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/up-in-the-air-jason-reitman-2009/

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