3 comments on “The Blind Side

  1. Entertainment Weekly finally gave me the permission to comment on this film review. According to an EW article, the Academy has revoked its ten film nominations, to be replaced by 5-or-more nominees for Best Film…all thanks to THE BLIND SIDE and its absolutely ridiculous nomination. I don’t mind the politics of it; but why do you have to make a movie from a conservative perspective that’s really STUPID? Lord, I really hated this movie…though Sandra Bullock is usually great in films like Speed and Hope Floats as she plays herself. Granted this was a weak year for Best Actress candidates; but of those available, my vote would have gone to Gabourey Sidibe for PRECIOUS. Thanks BLIND SIDE for getting the Oscar rules changed (I don’t know the accuracy of the report, but it works for me). Can you tell how much I hated this film?

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