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  2. that film seems to trigger a female rather than a cinematic reaction in you 🙂 I can imagine young girls can find a lot of interesting role-models in here (in a positive as well as a negative sense), but I appreciated that the story’s morale it was not shoved in our faces too bluntly and “educationally”, but that it is rather wrapped in a decent enough movie. All probably owing to the great actors involved (especially Molina and Saarsgard). My take at the time: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/an-education-lore-scherfig-2009/

    • Female reaction? I wonder now if men see An Education differently. After all, going to Paris with David isn’t the same as getting a hotel room with Mrs. Robinson, right?
      With Hollywood pushing out so much testosterone based movies blatantly geared towards men, I’m thankful for the British film industry making some quieter, thoughtful movies that are based off fragile emotional connections. Does that make this a female movie? Could it one day end up on the Lifetime channel? Can men find a way to relate to Jenny? Surely they’re not rooting for David and his banana, right guys?

  3. you wrote “This is one of those films that all young women should see.” and that made me think: hang on, you can see this film through the gender perspective of the girl being prey to the careless bonvivant, but it is equally easy to take the position of the Saarsgard character, wondering whether he has conscience enough to prey on this easy and naive victim. He seems the character that has more choices, because he is clearly aware that Jenny blindly jumps for any chance to break out of what she perceives to be a cage, without the maturity to really reflect about the consequences. So: This is one of those films all middle-aged men who have a chance to enchant young girls should see before they ruin the girls’ lives 🙂

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