8 comments on “Avatar

  1. This movie gets way too much crap. Everyone is so eager to point out similarities to Dances With Wolves or Ferngully. The movie shouldn’t have made as much money as it did and it isn’t Best Picture quality, but I still think it’s a solid film. It’s not great, but it’s not really bad either. If it hadn’t been for the awards or massive box office success, this film wouldn’t get dissed nearly as much.

  2. I agree with the cooper comment. Not a bad film; BUT I did like it better when it was called “Dances with Wolves”…heck, I even liked it better when it was called “Pocahontas”. The problem here is that somewhere along the way, Cameron’s ego has inflated to the size of Titanic (another film which I thought was WAAAYY overblown). Sorry, I just don’t think that he’s as good as he thinks he is and he seems to revel in trite used storylines with great Art Direction and Sound and Visual Effects. “Avatar” was not as bad as I had feared; but not nearly at the level of divinity to which many of his fans accorded this effort. I wonder what Cameron would come up with if he had to rely on just a good script and actors, without all the visuals…And his message regarding the “noble savage” smacked of a subtle, but underlying, racism.

  3. Loving these comments today. Cooper, you’re dead on, Avatar isn’t bad, but it is not BP worthy. The fact that it wormed its way into the exclusive areas of Oscar and box office records makes it a real target, and I couldn’t help but take a swing. And Ken, I read this comment from my phone when I was leaving Super8 and was just in stitches. Thank you!

  4. I’m disappointed in you Alison. not for not liking the film, but for not resisting to mention the not-so-original Dances with Wolves comparison which is ridiculously cliche at this point. I’m still looking for a criticism of this film which resists the urge to bring it up, and I was hoping it would be you! Oh well…

    As to the film, you do mention some monsters to compare it to: Lawrence of Arabia, Jurassic Park, etc. Its not near those films’ greatness. But at the same time, the movie did give me that true sense of movie wonder which reminded me a lot of Jurassic Park and Star Wars. That’s why I like it so much I think.
    I actually think the more straight-forward story is better for a movie like this, which is a movie about exploration when it comes right down to it. However, there is some interesting stuff going on here like the fact that he’s really living in two worlds at once through the Avatar program.

  5. “therefore the only surprises were for my eyes and not my mind or heart”… exactly to the point. The film’s problem to me also is not that it draws on many earlier stories from film and literature, but that it does it in a terribly predictable manner. I would watch it again any time, the visuals are stunning and it still is the only film I have seen where the 3D has been done well, true to the colours and brightness. But just like all other Cameron movies since Aliens, it is just not well-written and lives off action-romance particles recycled too often to be of interest. My take: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/avatar-james-cameron-2009/

  6. See what happens, Alyson, when you don’t worship at the altar of Cameron? and the reaction? Anyway, my teenage nephews and nieces really liked it as well. As for the comparison with Dances with Wolves” being cliched, it may be a cliche because it’s so!. It’s definitely distracting to watch a movie for the first time and sit there wondering where you know the story from….such was the case with “Avatar” until it hit WHY I knew the story. He does know how to do art work and visual effects, though, so I’ll just leave it there.

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