3 comments on “Up

  1. You’re right, the improbability of this idea really doesn’t matter in the context of the film. Its neat the way that some films can pull that off, but others can’t. Its all about knowing the world your film is set in I think, and Pixar is great at it.
    I like your first paragraph. This is really a film for all generations.
    Its too bad that WallE wasn’t nominated, because I’d love to get a post on that movie from you.

    • Oh, I absolutely love Wall-E. After I finish this project, I want to write about some great animated films. If 2008 had gone the 10 BP route, it most certainly would have been a contender, along with The Dark Knight.

  2. The comparison with Wall-E is actually very interesting in that both films have thrown some of the best story-telling ever into their first 15 minutes. The opening montage Alison mentions, and the silent movie slapstick opening in Wall-E are astounding. If both films ended after these opening minutes, film making would have reached a new peak. In both cases, however, I think what follows is not on the same level as that opening. Still: these two movies have reached new levels of sophistication for animation movies, and for movies reaching out to a child as well as an adult audience at the same time. UP: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/up-doctor-peterson-2009/ and Wall-E: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/wall-e-stanton-2008/

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