6 comments on “District 9

  1. This film was a complete and utter surprise…and just great!…one regret is that Sharlto Copley was not recognized with a Best Actor nomination. Really loved this film, and the very end with Wikus as Prawn sitting on the trash pile making another metal flower for his wife was really heartbreaking. What a movie! it definitely made my personal Top 5 list for 2009.

  2. I agree with everything you say and i believe you put out great points, specially when concerning the different camera techniques and the edit of it all. This movie is great. And watching it more than once only improves the experience. All actors are great in it but the main character is mainly well done. Only in the first minutes of the movie we see different emotions from him, not only has a documentary presenter but when he goes to the slum district he changes back and forward through a lot of emotions. We can feel this and that makes a great performance! Oscars? Yes, much more that it got. But more important than have them is to receive this type of feedback from the public.

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