3 comments on “The Hurt Locker

  1. Actually agreed with the Academy on this one…definitely the best film of the year. Terrific performances by Renner, Mackie, and Geraghty.

  2. I would disagree about Sgt James as “an excellent soldier”. He’s actually a terrible soldier. He puts his comrades in unneccessary danger in order to fulfill his need for that adrenaline rush. Similarly, he can’t stay home with his wife and child because he becomes addicted to that rush.

    When I’ve read comments by men who’ve been there, they’ve generally said that they kept hoping the Sargeant would die so that the other men could get a leader who wasn’t going to get them killed. Especially foolish is when Sgt James takes his little fire team into the night to try tracking down the enemy. Too small a group, instantly separated, leading to bad consequences. I think his commitment is to the thrill, not to the mission nor to his team.

    That said, it is a fantastic movie. The anticipation, the camera angles, and the sounds are all used to rivet you to your seat.

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