3 comments on “The Verdict

  1. I always had a rough time with this movie. It was really well done with great performances and really worthy of all the praise it received. My main problem with the film…and it was a huge problem, was that the ending was, for me, a complete non-sequitur. By everything that’s right, the verdict was correct; BUT there was no way, with the information presented at the trial, that the jury could have reached that conclusion other than in a defiant act of jury nullification. So, for all the positive aspects of the film, maybe I’m being hypercritical of the screenplay; but the verdict just didn’t make sense and unfortunately, I just couldn’t buy it.

  2. I’m a big fan of this film. Top performance from Newman and another classic addition to Sidney Lumet’s CV. It did, however, take two viewings to fully appreciate the film. I wasn’t won over by it when I first saw it but I found a lot more to like second time around. It isn’t a classic courtroom drama in the conventional sense, more a character study and a slowly paced one at that. But I think it’s hugely rewarding if you give it a chance.

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