2 comments on “Missing

  1. Really liked this film, though it rested entirely on the capable shoulders of Lemmon and Spacek. I agree with your observation about Charlie…John Shea plays the part likeably enough, but there’s just this feeling of his being something of a smart-ass. I recall back in ’68 when a friend and I had “plans” to go to Czechoslovakia to participate in the freedom movement…and think of the arrogance that was a part of that thinking. It’s kind of a rude awakening that being American somehow protects you from the consequences of in-your-face activities…thank God we stayed home. Wisdom would have tempered the Horman crowd activities with the realization of what can happen in a foreign land when authoritarian government takes over. Many lessons to be learned from this film…still it was an excellent one, one of my favorites of the year. Good editing, too, which was ignored by the Academy.

  2. I think not getting to know Charlie too well in the beginning works. Like you say, the film is really about Jack Lemmon learning to understand his son more and more as the film goes on, so like him we are learning these things as he does. This makes the ending even more powerful to me, as he begins to look at some of these relics of his son’s life differently after his change in perspective. Really impressed by this film.

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